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About us

PEN Nigeria is an affiliate of PEN International (International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists) – a worldwide Association of writers, founded in 1921, known to play a leading role in promoting literature as a force of global culture and defending freedom of expression and linguistic rights across the world. PEN Nigeria affiliated to PEN International on November 21, 2001 at the Congress held in London.


  • To sensitise citizens about the value of literacy and freedom of expression
  • To project literature as the bedrock of our democratic culture
  • To unite writers and lovers of freedom across cultures and languages in Nigeria
  • To promote a vibrant assembly for Nigerian men and women of letters
  • To encourage linguistic expression in our local languages
  • To rally behind writers regardless of culture, creed, religion and political affiliation.


The current Executive Council of PEN Nigeria, elected into office on October 7, 2017, has accomplished the following within the first one year in office:

  • Giving PEN Nigeria an organisational structure, and bringing it closer to writers and culture enthusiasts;
  • Building and sustaining a vibrant digital presence with an ongoing top-notch website;
  • Initiating monthly general meetings to carry all members along and drive membership;
  • Participating in all PEN International events by organising workshops, conferences etc with sufficient media coverage.
  • PEN Nigeria is currently collecting literary works and critical essays for publication in a special anthology to be published soon. Submissions are to be mailed to: /pennigeria.anthology@gmail.com/